- A Quick Example of UX Failure

August 31, 2011|1 Min Read|Comments|

Today I noticed that I don’t have Skype installed, so naturally, I went to Then I was presented with their homepage:

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The problem? No "Download" action button above the fold, or below the fold for that matter. That is, quite frankly, shocking.

So I hovered on the "Get Skype" drop down menu and clicked on the one for Mac. On the new page I was presented with, I clicked on the "Download Skype" button. And then …

tumblr lqsatrI5XY1qalr27

Oh snap! You’d have to either create an account or sign in before you could download Skype! Worse, by default it shows you the create an account section, and that section took a good 10 seconds to load for me for the first time.

Is this some kind of prank from the Microsoft enterprise? *shakes head*

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