On Hiring: Use Kanban for Managing Candidates and the Hiring Process

February 21, 2012|1 Min Read|Comments|

Hiring is usually a long and difficult process - in order to streamline and simply it, I use Kanban to manage the whole process. I believe, hiring should be as lean and agile as our development process.

My Kanban board for hiring (we just started hiring at SitePoint!):

tumblr lzq4l7RaaJ1qalr27

Using a Kanban board offers a number of advantages:

  • a clear picture of the candidates with their feedback from code tests and interviews
  • a straightforward view of where a candidate is at in the hiring process
  • limited number of candidates in some stages to prevent chaos
  • visual reminders to get in touch with the candidates, it’s always a good idea to keep them in the loop
  • a tight WIP limit for shortlisted candidates, there’s no point to shortlist too many candidates

What do you think?

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