Blog Redesigned!

Mar 02, 2010|1 Min Read|Comments|

After spending the weekend coming up with the design, one night of chopping and slicing and half a night of Tumblr themeing , I have finally done it! Thanks to and the Variable Grid System , they made making layout so easy! The theme is tested in all major browsers, except IE6 . Let me know what you think! :-)

dear photoshop please dont just dont

Mar 01, 2010|1 Min Read|Comments|

Dear Photoshop, please don’t, just don’t.

dont you just hate that fortunately i have the

Feb 28, 2010|1 Min Read|Comments|

Don’t you just hate that. Fortunately I have the ‘CMD + S’ syndrome.

Browser JavaScript and DOM Benchmark Tests: Firefox, Minefield, Safari, Webkit, Chrome, Chromium and Opera 10.5

Today Opera has released its latest and greatest version of Opera browser 10.5 Beta for Mac . It features speed enhancement as well as a unified Cocoa interface. Just how speedy is it exactly? Let’s test it out against other major browsers. The benchmarks were run on my Macbook Pro (OS X 10.6.2, 2.53GHz CPU, 4GB RAM). I have performed three benchmark tests from Dromaeo - All JavaScript Tests , DOM Core Tests and JavaScript Library Tests . The following browsers are used: Firefox 3.…

[Rails Tip] "String".constantize

Feb 26, 2010|1 Min Read|Comments|

So we want to dynamically instantiate an object (i.e. convert a string to a class constant). Instead of doing this: You can do this: See more about the constantize method in Rails’s API .

dear vodafone 3g please fix your network kthx

Feb 24, 2010|1 Min Read|Comments|

Dear Vodafone 3G, please fix your network. Kthx.

so i received my dell u2711 today even though i

Feb 22, 2010|1 Min Read|Comments|

So I received my Dell U2711 today, even though I was told by a sales rep it will be delivered tomorrow. ;-) The thing is, I ordered a Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort connector and it’s not here yet. So instead of enjoying the native 2560x1440 resolution, I have to put up with 1920x1080 for now. It’s still a nice upgrade from my ViewSonic 20" (1680x1050).

Random Thoughts on Cassandra, Riak and MongoDB

Feb 20, 2010|2 Min Read|Comments|

A few days ago I was conducting some preliminary tests and benchmarks on a couple of NoSQL solutions such as Redis , Cassandra and Riak . As expected, Redis performed really really well, its speed is unmatchable by Cassandra and Riak. However, that’s not the point. One thing I noticed is that quite a few people don’t really get what ’ scalability ’ actually means. In this case, Redis does not scale (yet), so comparing the raw performance (on a single machine) isn’t entirely useful. Both…

Hello Tumblr!

Feb 20, 2010|1 Min Read|Comments|

I’m hoping to post more regularly by having this Tumblr blog. :) Ruby Python PHP Falcon