dear vodafone 3g please fix your network kthx

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Dear Vodafone 3G, please fix your network. Kthx.

so i received my dell u2711 today even though i

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So I received my Dell U2711 today, even though I was told by a sales rep it will be delivered tomorrow. ;-) The thing is, I ordered a Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort connector and it’s not here yet. So instead of enjoying the native 2560x1440 resolution, I have to put up with 1920x1080 for now. It’s still a nice upgrade from my ViewSonic 20" (1680x1050).

Random Thoughts on Cassandra, Riak and MongoDB

Feb 20, 2010|2 Min Read|Comments|

A few days ago I was conducting some preliminary tests and benchmarks on a couple of NoSQL solutions such as Redis, Cassandra and Riak. As expected, Redis performed really really well, its speed is unmatchable by Cassandra and Riak. However, that’s not the point. One thing I noticed is that quite a few people don’t really get what ’scalability’ actually means. In this case, Redis does not scale (yet), so comparing the raw performance (on a single machine) isn’t entirely useful. Both Cassandra…

Hello Tumblr!

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I’m hoping to post more regularly by having this Tumblr blog. :) Ruby Python PHP Falcon