comic because activerecord is slow

Jul 06, 2011|1 Min Read|Comments|

Comic: Because ActiveRecord is Slow!

Moving On From Envato, What's Next?

Mar 17, 2011|2 Min Read|Comments|

Today is my last day at Envato . I have been working here for a year and half and it has been, without a doubt the most fulfilling experience I have ever had in my professional career. I was hired as a PHP developer initially. Who knew, several months into the job I was ‘converted’ voluntarily to a full time Ruby developer - and it has been the highlight of my career progression. It is hard to imagine what I would have become if it wasn’t for Envato’s support behind my conversion. During my…

my entry to the rubycommitters design contest

Jan 18, 2011|1 Min Read|Comments|

My entry to the RubyCommitters design contest. View it in action at :-)

sneak peak of the redesign of slim langcom

Dec 22, 2010|1 Min Read|Comments|

Sneak peak of the redesign of :)

[Ruby] Haml2Slim, Convert Your HAML Templates to Slim Templates

Dec 16, 2010|1 Min Read|Comments|

So, you are using Slim, right? If not, go check it out because it’s awesome. ;) Now, I don’t know about you but prior to Slim I use Haml quite a bit, and even though syntax-wise Haml and Slim have a lot in common, it’s still quite a challenge to convert all Haml templates to Slim templates. As a result, let me present you with a quick n’ dirty Haml2Slim converter! Check out the source code.

[Ruby] Releasing Ssync - An Optimised S3 Sync Tool Using the Power of Unix!

Nov 12, 2010|1 Min Read|Comments|

At Envato we have a few dozen sites residing on multiple servers. The data on a portion of the servers need to be regularly backed up to Amazon S3 . The Envato Mad Scientist Ryan Allen has worked on a script called Sir Sync-A-Lot which syncs the data to S3. This was done after evaluating a bunch of scripts including s3sync . Today I turned Ryan’s original script into a little Rubygem and added a bit more features. Go check out the source code !

Slim, a Fast and Lightweight Rails Template Engine!

Oct 17, 2010|1 Min Read|Comments|

For the past few weeks I have started contributing to a small project - Slim . Slim is a fast, lightweight templating engine for Rails 3. It has been tested on Ruby 1.9.2 and Ruby/REE 1.8.7. Slim is heavily influenced by Haml and Jade . Andrew Stone who is the author of the project has posted a quick update on the latest feature additions to Slim. Please go check it out. The source code of Slim is available on Github .

A Speedier Rails App using Rails 3.1 + Arel 2.0

Sep 29, 2010|1 Min Read|Comments|

Before (Rails 3.0.1pre stable branch + Arel 1.0.1): After (Rails 3.1.0 master branch + Arel 2.0.0dev master branch: Thanks to the awesome work done by Aaron Patterson ( @tenderlove ) and others. :-) UPDATE: After Aaron Patteron’s tweet , I ran the tests again on Rails 3.0.1pre stable branch + Arel 2.0.0dev master branch, and the result blew my mind:

`bundle: command not found` or `Could not find RubyGem bundler (>= 0)` During Capistrano Deployment? No Problems!

Sep 16, 2010|1 Min Read|Comments|

Don’t you just hate it when you get the following errors during a Capistrano deployment? In fact, even if you don’t use bundler , you might still get errors like this: It turns out this has something to do with the $PATH and $GEM_HOME variables. So here’s the quick fix. Log in to your deployment server, as a root user, add the following line to /etc/ssh/sshd_config : Don’t forget to restart ssh : Now, log in as the deployment user, and create ’~/.ssh/environment’ with the following…

wuit trademarked in australia now the

Aug 27, 2010|1 Min Read|Comments|

Wuit trademarked in Australia now! :-) The trademark application in the US is being progressed as well. If you don’t already know, Wuit is my soon to be launched studio identity.