[Ruby] Releasing Ssync - An Optimised S3 Sync Tool Using the Power of Unix!

Nov 12, 2010|1 Min Read|Comments|

At Envato we have a few dozen sites residing on multiple servers. The data on a portion of the servers need to be regularly backed up to Amazon S3. The Envato Mad Scientist Ryan Allen has worked on a script called Sir Sync-A-Lot which syncs the data to S3. This was done after evaluating a bunch of scripts including s3sync. Today I turned Ryan’s original script into a little Rubygem and added a bit more features. Go check out the source code!

Slim, a Fast and Lightweight Rails Template Engine!

Oct 17, 2010|1 Min Read|Comments|

For the past few weeks I have started contributing to a small project - Slim. Slim is a fast, lightweight templating engine for Rails 3. It has been tested on Ruby 1.9.2 and Ruby/REE 1.8.7. Slim is heavily influenced by Haml and Jade. Andrew Stone who is the author of the project has posted a quick update on the latest feature additions to Slim. Please go check it out. The source code of Slim is available on Github.

A Speedier Rails App using Rails 3.1 + Arel 2.0

Sep 29, 2010|1 Min Read|Comments|

Before (Rails 3.0.1pre stable branch + Arel 1.0.1): After (Rails 3.1.0 master branch + Arel 2.0.0dev master branch: Thanks to the awesome work done by Aaron Patterson (@tenderlove) and others. :-) UPDATE: After Aaron Patteron’s tweet, I ran the tests again on Rails 3.0.1pre stable branch + Arel 2.0.0dev master branch, and the result blew my mind:

`bundle: command not found` or `Could not find RubyGem bundler (>= 0)` During Capistrano Deployment? No Problems!

Sep 16, 2010|1 Min Read|Comments|

Don’t you just hate it when you get the following errors during a Capistrano deployment? In fact, even if you don’t use bundler, you might still get errors like this: It turns out this has something to do with the $PATH and $GEM_HOME variables. So here’s the quick fix. Log in to your deployment server, as a root user, add the following line to /etc/ssh/sshd_config: Don’t forget to restart ssh: Now, log in as the deployment user, and create ’~/.ssh/environment’ with the following content: * The…

wuit trademarked in australia now the

Aug 27, 2010|1 Min Read|Comments|

Wuit trademarked in Australia now! :-) The trademark application in the US is being progressed as well. If you don’t already know, Wuit is my soon to be launched studio identity.

[Rails] RailsConfig, A New Iteration of AppConfig for Rails 3

Aug 11, 2010|1 Min Read|Comments|

If you haven’t already been using AppConfig in your Rails project, well, you should! Jacques Crocker has recently released his new version of the original AppConfig - RailsConfig. I was invited to join the development of this new tool, so make sure you go check it out. :-)

[Rails] Inherited Resources Views Now Supports Rails 2.x

I have just pushed a commit that added Rails 2.x compatibility to Inherited Resources Views. Please give it a spin! :-) P.S. I’ve only tested it on Rails 2.3.8.

Reinvigorate - Realtime Website Traffic Analysis

It isn’t the first time realtime website traffic analysis has been introduced. Reinvigorate is one of the services that provides realtime traffic tracking and analysis. The thing I like it most though, is in fact the heatmap. :-) Heatmap is a great tool to help identify convoluted interface and improve the user experience.

Poke me on Github! :D

Aug 06, 2010|1 Min Read|Comments|

I have just added a Github ribbon to my blog (look at the top left corner!). Please feel free to poke me! :D References: Redoing the GitHub Ribbon in CSS GitHub Ribbon Using CSS Transforms

[Rails] Releasing Inherited Resources Views - DRY Your View Files

Using Inherited Resources is an excellent way to reduce the amount of repetition in your controllers. But what about views? A lot of times resources share the same views, so why not DRY ‘em up using Inherited Resources Views! Go check out the code! :-)