#whatdatingislike What Dating Is Like

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Dating girls is like calling a callback function without knowing the accepted arguments. Random exceptions would throw right in your face. Dating girls is like running prerelease ruby gems. Things might not be compatible, there might be memory leaks and other weirdnesses. Dating girls is like reading a tutorial in a foreign language. You think you got it, but you don’t. Dating girls is like using a ruby class with lots of mixins. You’re looking right at a class method, but you don’t know where…

[Rails] Introducing Datamappify - ActiveRecord Without DB Migrations

Introduction ActiveRecord is without doubt the de facto ORM library for Rails and many Ruby web frameworks. Many developers however, do not like database migrations and prefer to use DSL for data mapping. Datamappify is created with the sole purpose of getting rid of the DB migration headaches. Why Not DB Migrations? Well, depending on your specific project, DB migrations might create more trouble than it’s worth. Besides, your code is already version controlled, so why create a separate…

Fuck GPL!

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Fuck GPL!

just some late night sketches done with a finger

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Just some late night sketches, done with a finger, an iPad and some wine.

Wuit.com Now Runs on Padrino

A few days ago I discovered Padrino , an excellent ruby framework built on top of Sinatra . What can be a better than experimenting with it? Build an actual website with it! So last night I ported Wuit.com from using vanilla PHP + Flourish to using Padrino + DataMapper + Haml . The entire porting experience was positive, albeit the website only has two pages. I did encounter a strange problem with Capistrano though - both current_release and latest_release were giving me strange…

[PHP] Releasing PHamlP Module for Kohana, Use Haml and Sass with Kohana 3.0!

Jun 27, 2010|1 Min Read|Comments|

Haml and Sass are two extremely useful template engines. They are very popular amongst the Ruby and Rails community. I am happy to release a module for Kohana v3 that uses the PHamlP library to offer Haml/Sass support for Kohana. Right now the module only supports Haml but I will be adding Sass support in the very near future. Head over to GitHub to check out the source code . :)

Deploy PHP Websites Using Capistrano (and Git)

Jun 21, 2010|3 Min Read|Comments|

The Rails deployment flow is really smooth thanks to the powerful (and easy to use) Capistrano . Capistrano not only works with Rails and other Ruby code bases, but also code bases in any programming languages, such as PHP ! Here is an overview of what I did to get one of our PHP production sites up and running with Capistrano. If you don’t already have Ruby and Rubygems installed, install them! After you got ruby and rubygems , install Capistrano and its related gems - Now, navigate…

[jQuery] Endless Scroll Updated, Now Works with Any DOM Elements

jQuery Endless Scroll has now been updated to work with any DOM elements, not just $(document) . Click here for the project page (with usage examples). Click here for a simple demo. Enjoy!

[Rails] Releasing Action Throttler, A Rails Plugin for Throttling Actions

Sometimes we would want to throttle certain application actions. For instance, a user should only be allowed to send x amount of emails to other members of the site in order to reduce the spam risk. Since this is a quite common task, I thought I might as well make it as a Rails plugin for better code reusability. I am now releasing Action Throttler , an easy to use Rails plugin to quickly throttle application actions based on configurable duration and limit. Go check out the code now…

A Whole World of Difference: Phusion Passenger Apache to Nginx, Ruby Enterprise Edition 1.8.6 to 1.8.7

Yesterday we have launched the new design of Creattica . It runs well during the testing and staging phase, unfortunately the server quickly became overloaded and unresponsive after the relaunch was made public . The site was running fine with its old design, but because the new design has many added features such as search filters, followers and more, system resources were very quickly drained. After some optimisation of the database (which itself has increased the site performance by up to…