Hi, I’m Fred Wu.

Located in Melbourne, Australia, I am a software developer and leader with a strong focus on code craftsmanship, business value and user experience.

Grew up in Shanghai, China, I quickly became interested in computers and the Internet at the age of 13. I started off by creating simple websites using basic HTML I learnt from reading computer magazines back in 1997. Later on I worked in online publishing, marketing and web hosting while studying in high school.

After being a "webmaster" for a few years, I began my career in web development and design. I graduated with Bachelor of Information Technology and Systems from Monash University in 2008.

I am currently the CTO at Verrency - a Fintech startup working on value added services for payments. Before Verrency, I worked at companies such as Envato, SitePoint, Locomote, REA Group and Xplor.

I am a passionate open source developer who has made contributions to dozens of open source projects, including Ruby on Rails.

My leadership style is people focused. I truly believe in building a champion team, and to have the team to work collaboratively to achieve great outcome. I see myself as a server as opposed to a manager, of a team. I take unconditional, genuine care of the team to build rapport and trust.